The Benefits of Home CCTV Systems

Everyone I know is getting security cameras. Some people are having CCTV systems professionally installed while others are doing it themselves. Surveillance at home is pretty much commonplace now. People are putting cameras outside as well as inside their homes. The new security cameras that connect to your home’s Wi-Fi make it easy to monitor the cameras from pretty much anywhere using mobile devices and an app. You can check on your kids, pets, property, livestock, expensive toys and more anytime you want.

I like it that we can keep an eye on our two dogs while my wife and I are working. I usually check throughout the day from my computer at work as well as on my mobile phone. My wife checks on them too. We record and save footage of their cute antics while we are away. A neighbor of ours was able to give footage recorded on his cameras that caught a criminal stealing his lawnmower from his garage. He had the door open, but that is no excuse for a thief. Criminals are getting bolder now, especially the ones motivated to steal things to get money for drugs. They want a quick fix and take any opportunity they can to get stuff they can quickly sell for cash. That was the motivation behind the lawnmower thief who turned out to be another neighbor.

We have had CCTV systems in every place we have lived long before they became popular. We have both visible and hidden cameras. We work in a field that kind of requires us to take precautions with our home. Law enforcement officers, members of the court and anyone who works in criminal justice would do well to have cameras at home. I believe they both act as a deterrent and in providing evidence in catching criminals.